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There's a Story in Every Product

It’s the story that sells the product
It’s the story that answers the questions
It’s the story that tells the hows
It’s the story that tells the whys
It’s the story that defines the rules
It’s the story that breaks the rules
It’s the story people want to hear
It’s the story they remember
It’s the story they follow

The story is the brand
The brand is the story

What story would you tell?

Whether you sell shoes, or you sell wines, or you sell tangoes. Whatever it is you sell, online or offline, real or virtual, big or small, as long as you sell to humans, this blog tells you how to get a chance at your prospects’ heart by persuading them just how they love to be persuaded.

If you’re not afraid to negotiate your way to the close,

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No Damn PDF to download

I’m just about to knock out an article, pdf it, and then trade it for your email.

But at the very last minute, I called it quits. Because that’s what everyone does and sometimes, it’s not entirely truthful.

So, I say damn, it. Why not simply ask for their emails without the pdf parade. So, here I am, asking…

Well, you don’t have to slide in your email because I asked. But because henceforth, every Monday and Thursday, at precisely 4 PM (my time), you’d get an email containing one or two or three ideas from folks around the world crafting some of the planet’s coolest stuffs.

While I can’t promise the emails are going to be the best damn thing you’d get for the day, I can promise you this: They’d come, and they’d be great.